What is the worst airline in the United States ?

Spirit Airlines is the worst airline in the United States. For those who are familiar with Ryanair in Europe, Spirit is the American equivalent.

Spirit is a budget airline, which means that they often offer the cheapest flights. However, they also engage in some business practices that I find dubious, like charging patrons for carry-on (you are allowed one small personal item like a purse or backpack, but anything that has to go in the above compartment will cost you) or to print tickets at the airport. Additionally, they offer what are perhaps the most cramped seats of any airline.

This is great for experienced flyers of Spirit who know what to expect, but first time flyers are often hit with ridiculous fees (the aforementioned cost of printing a ticket at the airport is $10). I have a feeling that Spirit makes a living off of these unsuspecting passengers.

Overall, Spirit is a good option for the extremely budget conscious, but I firmly believe that it might be the worst airline in the U.S. You get what you pay for, as they say.

Personally, I’ve flown Spirit once, a red eye from Boston to California with a layover in Dallas. I knew what to expect in terms of fees, but I ended up not getting an ounce of sleep because it was so uncomfortable. Given all the benefits of other airlines (including some great loyalty programs), I will probably not fly Spirit again.